AngleseyMusic takes part in several charitable events, with the primary event being Philfest, a rock and pop festival taking place annually here in Bryngwran. Through 2018 and 2019, Philfest entertained over 1000 people and raised over £10,000 for local causes. Unfortunately, Philfest 2020 wasn't able to go ahead, however AngleseyMusic run a virtual version of the festival, streaming live acts from home and archive footage from the first 2 Philfests to achieve over 3300 viewings. Philfest will return in 2021, with AngleseyMusic again managing the whole event and providing the sound and stage equipment and students running the event, sound and performing. You can find out more about Philfest here or keep an eye on our website our live sound and music techology lessons, and event planning services.