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Payments are preferred via Auto-pay set up in your student portal. Payment is also possible by direct bank transfer before the lesson starts, via Stripe card payments from a link on your invoice, or in cash before or at the end of each lesson.


For bank transfer, our details are below along with payment terms:

Direct Bank Transfer Account: 31556681

Sort code: 40 30 14

Name: AngleseyMusic

Please include full student name as reference.

If you have problems with payments, please contact us as soon as possible.​

Payment Terms:

For payments based on per-lesson basis:

      a: Payments must be received BEFORE the lesson can commence.

      b: Any lessons not paid within 24 hours of the lesson will receive a reminder for payment

      c: If payment is still not received 48 hours after the lesson has finished, a 25% surcharge of the whole amount owed will be applied, without exception.


For payments based on pre-paid/invoice:

      a: Over payments or adjusted amounts due to changed lessons will be rolled forward to the next invoice.

      b: Invoices will be sent 5 days before the next invoice period with a due date of the first day of the new invoice period

      c: Payment for the full invoice must be received BEFORE any lessons in the new invoice period can commence.

      d: Lessons missed due to none-payment will be marked as billable

      e: Any invoices not paid in full within the first 5 days of the invoice will receive a reminder for payment

      f: If payment in full is still not received 48 hours after the invoice due date, a 25% surcharge of the whole invoiced amount will be applied, without exception.


For all payments:

      a: Any student who receives 3 late payment charges in any 3 month period will either be asked to sign up to Auto-pay or have their lessons cancelled.

      b:: Failure to pay the charges and any surcharges will result in legal reclamation of the owed amount, at the discretion of the company, we will either:

          i: Cancel all future lessons, applying the 1 month chargeable cancellation fee (11.)

          ii: Move you to a monthly advanced payment scheme, which requires automated payments via Stripe.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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