Musical theory and practice

Music Theory

Either integrated into your music lesson, or separate music theory lessons, are the foundation of understanding music, how music works, musical terms and much more. Working with the ABRSM music theory materials we can help your understanding of all the concepts of music theory and help build your confidence, whether it is for playing, composing or just to better understand the music that you listen to.

Digital practice app - Tonara

We encourage all students, young or more mature, to sign up to our digital practice app Tonara. Tonara gives you not only a digital diary of your lessons with interactive assignments, where you can listen to some of the song's you'll be playing or singing, but it also listens and gives you feedback in comparison to how your songs should sound. It connects you to your teachers between lessons, so when you are struggling and need that little extra help, we are never far away to help put you right. It also gives a musical "playground" where students can share recordings if they so wish, chat with other learners and play musical games and additional challenges.