Vocal and music performance

Musical performance and Musicianship

If your goal is to be performing like a pro on stage, singing or playing, writing your own music, over coming stage nerves, arranging and recording, stage managing, mixing live sound, creating a portfolio, media presence and marketing then this is where you need to be looking! We offer Performance and Musicianship lessons which cover all of the above, or aspects to suit you, all designed to bring the very best out of your music skills. This course does include basic vocal and singing techniques.

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Our performance students have gone on to careers in music, music college and university, playing concerts and festivals, writing and recording albums and much more. This course is open to singers and any instrumentalists, however the initial free sample lesson is used to decide if the course is suitable for you as we do not accept all. Available for 12 years up and only for those serious about furthering their musical knowledge, with or without the ability to read music but you must have sufficient music ability. If this course sounds of interest but you are not sure if you are able, contact us to discuss how we can help you.