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Formed in 2015, AngleseyMusic started off with the aspiration to teach a few people to play the piano and enjoy music. With Simon, who has over 30 years teaching experience, and Nicole running the business side, we rapidly grew beyond our initial expectations. Adding the Performance element to our lessons opened up a whole side to what we do and today we have over 90 students of many different levels and ages. In 2018, former student of Simon and exceptional pianist Medi Taylor underwent additional AngleseyMusic training to top up her qualifications and joined our teaching team, enabling us to offer lessons in Welsh and further increasing our ability to extend to number of lessons we can offer. In 2020, we have redeveloped our main studio, Simon has refreshed his vocal coaching work and taken on more singing lessons, as well as starting a choir, as well as growing the keys part of our school. During a summer music club in 2021, we also added a very experienced and highly skilled guitar teacher to our team.

Teach In Harmony


We believe in positive teaching, of supporting each of our students, encouraging good musical habits and, most of all, making learning fun. Music is about emotion, about enjoying the music, so while we teach the best techniques, theory and methods, having fun and making lessons positive brings a true harmony to everything we teach, ensuring we make learning to play a positive experience and something you will always come back to throughout your lifetime.

The Future Sounds Good


Music is a gift, something once learned it is part of your life. No words can express the pleasure, emotion or joy that playing can bring whether you just want to play in your own home or perform concerts for your fans. Learning to play any instrument gives educational and mental stimulation, helps with learning and thought processing, as well as the numerous phyiscal benefits.

Whatever your instrument, age, style and level, being able to play your own music will always make your future sound good.

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