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Meet our team

AngleseyMusic is a music school, with Piano, keyboard, vocal, music performance, guitar, drums, woodwind, saxophone and theory plus DJ-ing and music technology Our studio and practice rooms are fully equipped, whether you want to play just play or sing, whether you want to record your performances, compose music or plan a gig, we can help.


Simon Wareham

AngleseyMusic owner, lead teacher and events organiser

Piano, vocal, keyboard & music theory teacher. Choir leader.

Simon is one of the most in demand, experienced music teachers in North Wales. Specialising in piano and vocal performance, Simon has been teaching for nearly 30 years, Classically trained as a pianist and a Yamaha trained keyboard and synth player, Simon has played orchestral work and with live bands, from playing with the BBC orchestras, to currently performing with the most outrageous, fun and talented 80s showband in Wales, Re-run.

Medi Taylor

Piano teacher

Medi has been playing piano for over 15 years and is a highly accomplished pianist and amazingly competent teacher. Medi teaches up to grade 6 piano and music theory, whether you are a new starter or someone coming back to play the piano, Medi will help you find a way to get the very best out of your potential.

Medi 2023.jpg
20221029_120554 - Copy.jpg

Megan Williams

Piano teacher

Our trainee teacher, Megan, has recently joined our team. Megan is a fine pianist, working and training under Simon's guidance to deliver new-starter lessons and structured piano practice sessions. Megan is a great addition to our team and the perfect choice teacher for those just starting out.

James "Rozzy" Morgan

Guitar and bass guitar teacher

James "Rozzy" Morgan is our guitar hero. Playing for over 25 years on both acoustic and electric guitars and bass. Rozzy is a versatile and high skilled guitarist. Rozzy's relaxed nature and enthusiasm is perfect for bringing out your inner guitar-hero. You'll also find Rozzy dressed in pink, helping to bring the 80s back with showband Re-Run.


Mark Thompson

Drum & DJ teacher

Mark is our drum king. One of the nicest, down to earth teachers you will find. Mark has been teaching and performing for years, both as a very highly skilled drummer, and also as a DJ - when he's not in his very own custom drum studio, you'll find him filling dancefloors across the UK.

Julie Siswick

Woodwind (Oboe, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone & Recorder) teacher. Music Theory teacher.

Meet Julie, our newest member of the team, and our specialist woodwind teacher. Julie has been playing woodwind instruments for over 30 years and teaching all over the world for over 25 years, Julie has played with and directed orchestras and brings us an amazing set of instruments for you to learn!

Julie Siswick Profile Picture.jpg

Nicole Skirka

AngleseyMusic owner, admin, events coordinator

Nicole is our office wizard and behind every lesson we run. Organising 6 music teachers, over 120+ students with 7 different teaching locations, as well as working behind the scenes during our events.

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