Pricing policy - Music for all

After reading the article below and a recent chat with one of our students, we thought that we should share the AngleseyMusic philosophy on our pricing.

Simon has been playing piano and keyboard for over 30 years, and teaching and performing for over 25. "Music is something that has carried me through good and bad times, through school and work. Music is an integral part of my life, its more than a job, its part of who I am."

We believe that music, and good quality music education, should be available to everyone, regardless of age, ability or anything else, everyone should have the chance to learn. Sadly proper piano and keyboard lessons aren't available in general education and there's a lot of educators around who only offer partial learning or charge "elite" prices. Simon does not subscribe to the attitude of charging high prices, preferring to keep lessons accessible to all.

In setting up AngleseyMusic, we decided that our pricing should respect the diversity of the population on Anglesey, where we have to charge a minimum amount to enable us to make a living, we are below the recommended piano teacher prices of £40 to £55 per hour because, we feel, that this price wouldn't allow people from specific areas of the island the chance to take on music lessons.


We all face financial difficulties at times, all have other things that we need to pay for in our lives, music should not be something kept for those who earn well. Its for you, for me and for all. As teachers to children and adults with special educational and physical needs, including visual impairment, behavioural difficulties, autism and learning difficulties, these families often struggle not only to find a competent teacher, but one who will not over charge for the privilege of teaching.

With our prices starting at £30 per hour for music room lessons, which can include piano, keyboard (or combined), singing and vocal, music theory and literacy and playing by ear, all genres and styles and all given the same respect and encouragement we show that you can have an amazing, experienced teacher who puts music, yours and your children's education as more important than money.


AngleseyMusic offers the areas most experienced, qualified and in-demand teachers for a price that says music really is for everyone.


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