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We believe that music, and good quality music education, should be available to everyone, regardless of age, ability or anything else, everyone should have the chance to learn. Sadly proper piano and keyboard lessons aren't available in general education and there's a lot of educators around who only offer very poor quality or limited learning or charge "elite" prices. AngleseyMusic does not subscribe to the attitude of charging high prices, preferring to keep lessons accessible to all.


When we started AngleseyMusic in 2015, we decided that our pricing should respect the diversity of the population on Anglesey. Where we have to charge a minimum amount to enable us to keep our business operating successfully with stability and allow our teachers to make a living so they can give their full commitment to music education, we are considerably below the recommended private music teacher prices of £40 to £55 per hour because, we feel, that this price wouldn't allow people from specific areas of the island the chance to take on music lessons.


We all face financial difficulties at times, especially in the current financial environment, all have other things that we need to pay for in our lives, music should not be something kept for those who earn well. Its for you, for me and for all. All of our teachers are parents themselves and we know that there is always a struggle to not only to find a reliable and competent teacher, but one who will not over charge for the privilege of teaching.

With our prices starting at £24 per hour for music room lessons, a price which we have calculated to be the lowest we can possibly offer and is therefore none-negotiable, we show that you can have an amazing, qualified, experienced teacher who puts music and yours and your children's education as more important than money. It's this reason that we set our prices as low as we possibly can whilst maintaining the quality of education and ensuring that our business and teachers will stay around for many years offering music lessons to multiple generations.

Pricing aside, we made the conscious decision to charge weekly. Many teachers charge by term, quarterly or monthly and charge for planned absences. We charge weekly and, within fair reason, never charge for missed lessons. This keeps our lessons accesable and affordable to as many people as we can. We also offer payment in cash, credit or debit card or by bank transfer, we offer the ability to prepay and even our new Autopay facility to keep the lesson costs as flexible as possible.

In return for keeping our prices as low and as competitive as we can, we do ask for fairness from our students, that payments are received on time. We do always charge extra for late payments to protect our business, especially when there are the payment options above to avoid this.


AngleseyMusic offers the areas most experienced, qualified and in-demand teachers for a price that says music really is for everyone.

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